Monday, January 30, 2012

I heart faces - Silly Faces


Photo Challenge Submission

This week I heart faces photo challenge is SILLY FACES. I choose to uses my youngest daughter who is 5yrs old, because out of all 4 of my kiddos she has the most spunk. She is all the time giving me silly faces when I am trying to take pictures of her. So, when I told her I wanted nothing but silly faces in the pictures...She was super excited. After we got done she told me it was the best pictures she has ever taken, that we should do it more often.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012




You mean a mother of 4 kiddos and a husband gets bored. YES!!! When I stay up late because I can't sleep, and all 4 of my kiddos are sleeping and hubby's working.... I get bored. What do I do in the middle of the night when I get bored and nothing is on TV and can't sit still enough to read a book. I play with my camera and take pictures of weird things that are on my cans (because pop cans are always on my desk ask my husband), my scentys burner (gotta keep my room smelling good), stack of computer games (my husband and kids don't know how to put the games back in cases), printer (yes I have taken pictures of the buttons on my printer before), and computer speakers (why not they need pictures too).... and I also take weird pictures of myself examples are given, close up pictures of my eyes because my eyes are hazel but mostly show up as green, and I also take pictures of me staring at my circle mirror....its on my desk usually by the way......and Oh I also braid my hair as you can see in the pictures above. I probably gave you too much info on myself, but I wanted to explain my hair and the pictures.

i heart faces - By The Book


Photo Challenge Submission